Milko Pavlov

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Bad Steben (Germany), Grafik Museum Schreiner
Biella (Italy), Associazione Premio Internazionale Biella per l´incisione
(France), Mediatheque Die
Boll (Switzerland), Collection Gaudenz Ruf
Bremen (Germany), Collection swb enordia,
Bremen (Germany), City Art Gallery, Bremen, Germany
Bremen (Germany), Prof. Dr. Hess Kinderklinik, Bremen, Germany
Dobrich (Bulgaria), City Art Gallery
Düren (Germany), Leopold Hoesch Museum
Geneva (Switzerland), Collection Edito
Krakow (Poland), International Print Society
Plovdiv (Bulgaria), City Art Gallery
Sofia (Bulgaria), National Gallery
Sofia (Bulgaria), City Art Gallery
Sofia (Bulgaria), Bulgarian Arts Council
Soloturn (Switzerland), Visura Versicherungen
Tokyo (Japan), TAMA Art university museum
Varna (Bulgaria), City Art Gallery
Yokohame (Japan), Kanagawa Arts Foundation
Zürich (Switzerland), Collection Henry F. Levy

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